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UPA-BUA Union Professionnelle d'Architectes
Beroepsunie Van Architecten

Federated professional societies

Fédération royale des sociétés d’Architectes de Belgique – Koninklijke Federatie van de Architectenverenigingen van België (FAB)
Created in 1905, on the initiative of professional associations, the FAB brings together associations from all over the world to represent them at the federal and international level (EAC, UIA) and to deal with professional issues. These various member associations are also affiliated to one of the regional societies: AriB, BVA and UWA. It is the FAB that negotiates professional issues (which are not or not completely within the competence of the Order) with the authorities or with representatives of the partners in the act of building (contractors, engineers, surveyors, etc.).

Beroepsvereniging van Vlaamse Architecten (BVA)
The various Flemish member associations of the FAB (AMO, AU, BUA, KBKV, KVBOV, AkVB) also joined forces in 1975 in the Bond van Vlaamse Architecten (BVA), in order to defend their interests at the level of the Flemish region. The BVA then set up a service company (BVA Dienstbetoon). The BVA is therefore not strictly speaking the "Flemish wing" of the FAB, but another separate federation. However, it will often be considered as such, to the point of later creating its counterpart, the Société des Architectes Francophones (SAF), which will however never have a legal existence. Following the evolution that marked the Flemish associative world in 2000, the BVA was transformed (by changing its name) in 2005 into a full-fledged association that brings together the Flemish federated associations (AMO, G30, KBKW, UPA-BUA) but also individual members. It has two regional correspondents under the umbrella of the FAB: the Union Wallonne des Architectes (UWA) and Architects' in Brussels (AriB).

Architectenvereniging van Mechelen en Omstreken (AMO)
Professional association member of the FAB and BVA, created in 1979.

Koninklijke Bouwmeesterskring van West-Vlaanderen (KBKW)
Professional association member of the FAB and BVA, created in 1910.

Union Wallonne des Architectes (UWA)
On March 7, 2007, the French-speaking professional associations, gathered within the framework of the Actions Communes des Architectes, decided to reorganize the French-speaking wing of the associative world (SAF) by creating two regional structures: a Walloon association (the AAW which will become the UWA) and a Brussels Association of Architects (the ABA which will then become the AriB). The UWA, officially established in 2008, brings together the still numerous federated associations in Wallonia (AAAMs, AABW, AAPL, ARAC, ARAHO, ARALg, ARAN, SAC, SRAVE, UPA-BUA, CNEAB) but also individual members...

Association des Architectes de la Province du Luxembourg (AAPL)
Professional association member of the FAB and UWA, founded in 1956

Association des Architectes du Brabant Wallon (AABW)
Created in 1995, this active association, a member of the FAB and UWA, will quickly carve out its place in the small world of the still numerous French-speaking associations.

Association Royale des Architectes du Hainaut Occidental (ARAHO)
Important and active professional association member of the FAB and UWA.

Association Royale des Architectes de Charleroi (ARAC)
Important and active professional association member of the FAB and UWA, founded in 1911.

Association Royale des Architectes de Liège (ARALg)Important and active trade association member of the FAB and UWA, founded in 1891.

Association Royale des Architectes de Namur (ARAN)Active professional association member of the FAB and UWA.

Société Royale des Architectes de Verviers et Environs (SRAVE)
This association, (member of FAB and UWA) created in 1912, will inaugurate the first Bureau of Public Information (BIP) in Verviers. It will also be at the origin of the magazine Architrave (to which AABW and UPA will bring their assistance).

Architects in Brussels (AriB)
Association bruxelloise des Architectes, was created in 2008 (from the ABA) in parallel with the creation of the UWA, following the reorganization of the French-speaking associative world. The AriB brings together the UPA-BUA (the last federated association active in the Brussels-Capital Region) and the G30, but also individual members.

G30 Group
This group, created in 2007, which brings together the heads of the most important architectural offices in Belgium, focuses on issues specific to this type of structure (public contracts, the question of bogus freelancers, contracts, scale and insurance of collaborators, etc.). It is a member of the FAB, the AriB and the BVA.

Union Royale Professionnelle d’Architectes (UPA-BUA) Koninklijke Beroepsunie van Architecten
Recognized professional union, created in 1932, under the name of "Union Professionnelle des Architectes diplômés des écoles Saint-Luc de Belgique". As an active professional association member of the FAB (and later of the BVA, AriB and UWA), it will undergo significant development to the point of having numerous members throughout Belgium. It became a royal society in 1982 and following the evolution of the profession and teaching, it opened its membership to all graduates in architecture and engineering architecture. It has its headquarters in the Architects' House, which it now manages.