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Travels and visits

2019  to BERLIN


From Friday 10th of May till Monday 13th of May

BERLIN even today, you’ll notice on arrival ... the scars of the bombing of the Second World War ... the traces of the old partition between West Berlin and East Berlin ... a part of the famous Wall. But the first images are very different: vast avenues lined with trees, green parks, airy neighborhoods, cyclists, pedestrians, strollers. Public transport, reliable, clean and frequent propels us from one district to another with efficiency in this very large city (8 times the area of ​​Paris). BERLIN, the symbolic city of the cold war, the immense building site in the making, the capital of reunited Germany, is at first sight a capital of the art of living. It is of course going also meeting History with a big H and its tragic jolts. In the pantheon of 20th century history, the German city holds a special place, that of a pivotal city where the fate of the Western world crystallized. BERLIN is also being carried by an immense energy, that of a city eager to make up for lost time and to honor again its function of capital of Germany. An open-air construction site to see, review and discover: the layout of the Spree Turn (Schultes and Frank), the Reichstag new-look (Foster), the Brandeburg Door, the Holocaust Memorial (Eisenman), the Friedrichstabe, Checkpoint Charlie, Postdamer Platz (Kollhoff, Piano, Moneo), the Museen Insel, the Neue Museum (Chipperfield) *** with the Nefertiti, the Pergammon Museum, the Neue Nationale Galerie (Mies v.deR.), the Jewish Museum and Academy (Libeskind), the East Side Gallery, the Bundestag Library, the central station Hauptbahnhof (M.von Gerkan), the Contemporary Art Museum Hamburger Bahnhof in the former Hamburg Station (Kleihues), the Philarmonie (Scharoun), the Ambassade de France (Portzamparc), the DZ Bank (Gehry), the UK Embassy (Wilford), the Netherlands Embassy (Koolhaas), the extension of DHM (Pei), the gigantic construction site of Berlin Castle (Francesco Stella), the 5000 dwellings on the Karl-Marx-Allee (Henselmann), the restauration of the Oberbaum bridge (Calatrava), the Galeries Lafayette (Nouvel), the Quartiers 205 (Ungers) and 206 (Pei, Cobb, Freed), the Martin Gropius building, the housing projects (Gropius, Rossi, Zaha Hadid, Koolhaas, Bundchuh, Chipperfield, Siza) ... and so much more, ...

We chosen the best available time schedule for the smallest price : direct flights RYANAIR to go and  BRUSSELS AIRLINES for the return:

Departure  :  Friday  10th of May at  8h15  from Brusseks, arrival at Berlin Schönefeld at 9h40  
Return  :  Monday   13th of May  at   20h40  from  Berlin Tegel,  arrival at Bruxelles at 22h00.

We’ll be sleeping in the centre of BERLIN,  Hotel  3 nights + breakfast.


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Excursions and one-day visits are also organised in Belgium or abroad.
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