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UPA-BUA Union Professionnelle d'Architectes
Beroepsunie Van Architecten

Organization of the UPA-BUA

General Organization

The UPA-BUA is run by a Board of Directors of about twenty members representing the profession. It is this council that elects the Bureau and organizes specialized commissions or working groups.

Board of Directors and Bureau

Here is the current composition of the Bureau:

  • Christian RAMETTE (Président / Bruxelles)
  • Didier HOLEMANS (Vice-Président NL / Bruxelles)
  • Erwin SPITZER (Vice-Président FR / Bruxelles)
  • Michel PROCES (Secrétaire Général / Bruxelles)
  • Brigitte DE GROOF (Secrétaire Adjointe/ Bruxelles)
  • Giulia MARVERTI (Secrétaire Adjointe/Bruxelles)
  • Alain DESMYTTER (Trésorier / Bruxelles)
  • Aurélia BRUSHI (Trésorière Adjointe)

The other members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Ioannis BALASKAS (Bruxelles)
  • Igor BAWOROWSKI (Bruxelles)
  • Cédric BOURGOIS (Louvain-la-Neuve)
  • Christian DUBOIS (Braine l’Alleud)
  • David CLERBOIS (Bruxelles)
  • Christian FLAMAND (Braine l’Alleud)
  • Christophe GILLIS (Bruxelles)
  • Gérard KAISER (Rixensart)
  • Philippe LAPORTA (Brussel)
  • Pierre LIMBOR (Oostende)
  • Marie-Madeleine MENNENS (Itterbeek)
  • Min-Nhut PHAM (Bruxelles)
  • Thomas SERCK (Gent)

Commissions and working groups

Several commissions work within the UPA:

  • the unit price commission (responsible: Christian RAMETTE)
  • the Van Hove Prize Commission (responsible: Jean-Paul VERLEYEN)
  • the travel committee (managers: Nicole CASTIAUX and Christian DUBOIS)
  • the permanent training committee (responsible: Michel PROCES)
  • the finance committee (responsible: Aurélia BRUSHI and Alain DESMYTTER).

Working groups or sections are also created on specific topics, according to the actual needs, such as the section "UPA-Youth".

The UPA-BUA has active members in many professional bodies: Order (Cfg-OA, Vlaamse Raad), UWA, AriB, BVA, Council of Architects of Europe (CAE), etc.

She also represents architects in various professional, scientific and technical organizations such as CSEC, UBAtc, AR-CO, etc.

Brief history

Important dates in the history of the UPA:

1932 Foundation of UPA-BUA

1939 Law on the Monopoly of Architects

1954 Construction of the Maison des Architectes Ernest Allard Street 21

1963 Institution of the Order of Architects (taking over part of the functions of associations)

1965 Van Hove Legacy of the House of Architects at UPA-BUA and FAB

1982 Launch of the Van Hove Award

2012 Constitution of the non-profit Architects' House (AH).

Reference documents: