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UPA-BUA Union Professionnelle d'Architectes
Beroepsunie Van Architecten

Working of the UPA-BUA

The UPA-BUA works as a reservoir of ideas. Many of its members are actively involved in scientific, cultural and technical commissions dealing with architecture and the art of building. Internally, the UPA-BUA develops multiple initiatives to transmit them afterwards to the organization that it deems most suitable to develop them. The UPA does not undertake directly political or trade union actions but leaves them to the umbrella structures (UWA, AriB, BVA) in order not to disperse the available forces.

In the past, many members of the Board of Directors played a leading role in the defense and promotion of the profession in Belgium (and in Europe), such as Willy VAN HOVE, Charles DUYVER and Georges VRANCKX.

The various activities of the UPA-BUA allow its members to inform themselves, to develop personal links and to collaborate advantageously. Young members, starting in the profession, can find support and assistance.