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UPA-BUA Union Professionnelle d'Architectes
Beroepsunie Van Architecten

The other Belgian professional organisations

Groupement A7
A group created in 2013 (following the example of the G30) which brings together a number of large Walloon offices wishing to join forces to make their voice heard, with the aim of opposing certain negative situations for the profession.

Architectes-Bâtisseurs (A-B) Architecten-Bouwers
Movement founded in Belgium in 1984, following the example of the French Architectes-Bâtisseurs (created in 1981) and discovered during the colloquium organised by the UPA-BUA in Hélécine). This new type of alternative practice met with opposition from general contractors but also from some architects, but developed but in a relatively limited way.

Architectes Sans Frontières (ASF) – Architecten Zonder Grenzen (AZG)
Association dedicated to humanitarian action created in 1995. Over the years it covered several projects, both abroad and in Belgium (particularly in the context of the flooding of the Meuse) but it mainly withdrew to the Flemish side.

Archi ULB Alumni (AUA)
Association which brings together the alumni of the new faculty of architecture of the ULB, the ISA Victor Horta, the ISA La Cambre or the architecture section of the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts.

Association Régionale des Directeurs et Ingénieurs Communaux (ARDIC)
Association created in 1977 for all the technical personnel managing the cities and municipalities of the Brussels-Capital and Walloon regions (and in particular municipal architects).


Architektur und Ostbelgien (AundO)
This entity was developed in 2022 by numerous architects from the Belgian Eifel to defend the interests of the job community in the German-Speaking Cimmunity of Belgium

Chambres bruxelloise et Wallonne
These bodies were created in 2012 in order to ensure reciprocal information and coordination of actions between the Order (Cfg-OA) and the French-speaking associative world (following the pre-scission of the Order and the disappearance of the CPO - Concertation Permanente - Permanente Overleg). Due to difficulties in dialogue between the two bodies, since 2016 these chambers have become strictly ordinal bodies, responsible for dealing with professional issues. The Brussels Chamber now reports to the National Council (CNOA) and is parity-based (FR-NL), while the Walloon Chamber still reports to the Cfg-OA (although a reorganisation is nevertheless envisaged).

Chambre de Conciliation, d'Arbitrage et de médiation en matière Immobilière
Body created in 2001 by the Lawyers' and Notaries' Associations of Nivelles and Brussels, the surveyors of the UGEB, the experts at the Nivelles Court, the landlords' and tenants' unions and the AABW.

COBATY International Belgium
This organization was founded on June 10, 1974 (among the founders were the architects Georges Baines, Daniël Craet, Jules Lemaître and Jacques Wybauw), based on an idea coming from France. It has more than 150 members and its aim is to make the members get to know each other better in order to develop and elevate their professional ideals. The organization of monthly dinner-debates (at Château Sainte-Anne in Auderghem) is the main means chosen to meet these aspirations.

Collège National des Experts-Architectes (CNEAB)
Founded in 1983, one year after the foundation, in Marrakech, of the International College of Architects (in which several Belgian architects, including Robert Doyen, played an important role).

Commission de Conciliation Construction (CCC)
Created in 2001 (at the instigation of the Minister of Justice and on the initiative of the FAB, the Confederation Construction, Nacebo and Test-Achat) this commission is financed by the Ministry of Justice.

Maison des Architectes de Charleroi (MAC )
Launched in 1984 on the initiative of the Royal Association of Architects of Charleroi (ARAC).

Maison Régionale de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme (MRAU)
Created in 2009, it is a mission entrusted to the Union Wallonne des Architectes (UWA) by the Walloon Government consisting of raising awareness and involving professional architects in the issues and the decrees and regulations of land use planning and urban development. Since its creation in 2009, the MRAU has been a communication and training tool for active architects involved in urban planning.

Netwerk Architecten Vlaanderen (NAV)
Flemish professional association, created in 1953 under the name of "Nationaal Architectenverbond" and under the aegis of UNIZO, whose structure and services it benefits from, which has integrated several other local professional associations. This association, which offers many services, is not a member of the FAB and in order to acquire national status had tried, without success, to create a French-speaking wing (SAW).

ORI is the sectoral organisation of engineering and consultancy firms in Belgium.

Overleg Orde-Beroepsverenigingen-Onderwijs (OBO)
Consultation body between the Vlaamse Raad, the associative world (BVA, AriB, NAV) and the Flemish academic world created in 2014.

Union des Femmes Architectes de Belgique (UFAB) – Unie der Vrouwen Architecten van België (UVAB)
Created in 1978 by Dita Rocque-Gouvary , it was inspired by the International Union of Women Architects. After having vanished in the early 2000s, they restart an active phase since 2021.

Union Nationale des Profession Libérales et Intellectuelles de Belgique (UNPLIB)
Union created in 1961 and part of SEPLIS (European Secretariat for the Liberal and Social Professions).

Vlaamse Architectuur Academie (VAA)
A network that brings together the different Flemish architecture faculties, created in 2016.

Vlaamse Permanent Overleg (VPO)
A consultative body, which is part of the Vlaamse Overleg (VO), which brings together the Vlaamse Raad and the Flemish associations (BVA, AriB, NAV) on a quarterly basis.