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8th edition of the CAE Sector Study on the state of the architectural profession in Europe

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The Sector Study is a biennial survey commissioned by the Council of Architects of Europe and co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union, which collects and analyzes statistical, sociological and economic data on European architects, the architecture market and architectural firms. Based on the responses of 30,700 architects from 26 European countries, the 2022 edition of the study has been enriched with new areas of research, making it, without a doubt, the most comprehensive study on the profession of architect in Europe and an essential reference tool for anyone interested in the architectural profession and the built environment.

The 2022 edition confirms an increase in the number of architects (100,000 more over the last ten years to reach 620,000 architects today) and reveals that the profession is recovering from the pandemic. The importance of sustainability is confirmed: 46% of architects “frequently” design buildings with low energy consumption. Private housing remains the most important sector, 89% of architectural offices worked on the design of private housing, a segment which represents on average 56% of office turnover.

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