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UPA-BUA Union Professionnelle d'Architectes
Beroepsunie Van Architecten

Debate-Bar - ARIB-FUP-AABW: New urban mobility paradigm

Pedestrian and bicycle spaces, shared spaces, scooters in all directions, red bikes, green scooters, shared cars, multi-purpose credit card, Skipr, CityMapper ...

Little by little, the use value of mobility replaces the value of owning a car, but also a bicycle, a scooter. In dense urban areas, you no longer have to worry about owning, maintaining a one, two, three or four wheel vehicle.

Above all, integrative applications propose to optimize multimode journeys according to individual requirements in terms of comfort, time and price of the journey envisaged.



ISCHA LAMBRECHTS BECI mobility advisor, for the integration of modes of travel
ESPACES - MOBILITIES about Good Move, the mobility strategy of the Brussels Region
SKIPR the Belgian startup for MaaS, a mobility as a services
SERGE PEETERS urban planner, will consider the effects of new practices on public space

BRUNO CLERBAUX urban planner, will lead the debates.


Thursday 19 DECEMBER from 6 to 8 p.m.

Urban planning students: 5 €
Members: 10 €
Professionals: 15 €

Thursday 19 December 2019


Architect's House